Vísi – Bringing Arctic Cloudberry to the World

At all times in Russia fresh or soaked cloudberry was the most precious northern berry served for the czar table. Even nowadays in the north it is called the Royal berry. In Scandinavian countries cloudberry is now precious as gold.

Cloudberry is the rarest berry. It is also very special. Its singularity is revealed in everything. It ripens “the other way round” – chameleon berries are red at first but when they start getting juicy they become amber yellow. A cloudberry fruit looks like a raspberry one, but has its special smell and taste. It does not grow in clusters but one berry on the stem. The time of cloudberry gathering is July and August. Every year thousands of tourists set out to the woods of Scandinavia in search of cloudberry.

In Scandinavia, Cloudberry is not just a food plant but also a medical one. It is used in treating cardio-vascular, kidney, liver and bile passages diseases; it reduces fermentation and putrefactive processes in the bowel. It is useful when heavy metal poisonings take place. These berries are applied in curing vitamin deficiency diseases and hypovitaminosis. It is successfully used in healing burns and skin diseases, even skin cancer. Cloudberry helps digestion and works up the appetite. The berries have diuretic, sudorific, spasmolitic and anti-inflammatory effect. It is applied if there is an internal hemorrhage or a urinary bladder disease. It is good to give cloudberries with honey to debilitated patients to promote health. The berry is also used as a thirst- quenching means and essential if catching a cold. If you eat cloudberries regularly, it will help you to avoid metabolic disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Cloudberry is a storehouse of useful attributes and healthful properties. The best that can be found in a berry is concentrated in it. Cloudberry means well set-up figure and health.

Cloudberry contains proteins, sugars, pectins, dietary fibre, organic acids (ascorbic, citric, apple, salicylic acids), anthocyanins, carotenoids, tannins, phytoncids, leukocyans, leukoantocyanins. Moreover, cloudberry is rich with micro-elements, especially those of haematogenic range: magnesium, calcium, iron, aluminium, phosphor, cobalt and silicon, vitamins C, B1, B3, A. Cloudberry oil grain contains a solid amount of active natural elements, the most precious being antioxidants and omega fatty acids. The berries contain the most important fatty acids: linoleic acid (omega-6), alpha-linoleic acid (omega-3); antioxidants (carotenoids, vitamin E), and phytosterols.

Vitamin C content is three times higher in cloudberries than in oranges. And it takes part in many biochemical processes, particularly, in hydrogen transport regulation, it maintains colloidal state of intercellular substance and normalizes capillary permeability. Cloudberry has a higher content of provitamin A that rejuvenates cell populations in comparison to carrot. This wonderful berry is a rich source of tocopherols that accelerate regenerative process of damaged cells and take part in the most important processes of tissular metabolism.

Thanks to the high potassium content cloudberry helps to prevent oncologic and cardio-vascular diseases.

The healing properties of cloudberry make it an irreplaceable component of curative cosmetics and hygiene accommodations. It nourishes the skin and hair tired of physical and emotional stresses, calms them down in the cold and in the heat, and helps to restore their strength. Essential fatty acids, like linoleic and linolenic ones that are found in the cloudberry oil grain, restore the epidermis lipid skin barrier and moistures the skin. As a result the feeling of tension disappears. Carotenoids, phytosterols and vitamin E give an extra skin protection from UV radiation and slow down aging processes. Due to cloudberry the skin is restored and regenerated, it is filled up with moisture, becomes smooth and firm. The rare Arctic Cloudberry of Scandinavia holds tremendous promise for impacting world health.

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